Why Wagyu?


At North 40 Premium Beef, we're dedicated to providing our customers with a luxury beef-eating experience in the comfort of their own homes. Co-founders, Alex and Logan were raised on multi-generational cattle ranches where they learned the value of hard work and dedication to the land. We take great pride in our commitment to animal welfare and well-being, which results in tasty, high-quality beef that'll make your mouth water.

Our commitment to quality starts with hand-picking the best animals from foundational Wagyu genetics and partnering with a trusted, local meat locker. We believe in treating beef with the respect it deserves, and that's why we offer a unique and top-notch product with our American Wagyu beef. We believe this is five-star restaurant quality beef, combining the tenderness of Japanese Wagyu with the robust flavor profile of American Angus. This is some of the best beef in the world, and you can serve it in your own home.

We see a real movement happening in the beef industry, just like what's happened in the world of local brewing and Napa wines. We're excited to be a part of it, and we're determined to help create more connectedness between consumers and the origins of the product. We're looking to grow our herd and exposure so that more folks can trust in the handling, raising, and origination of their family’s meals.

At North 40 Premium Beef, we're passionate about what we do and we're grateful to our customers for supporting us. We believe that there's nothing quite like the flavors of the Midwest, and we're excited to share them with you. Come experience the difference with North 40 Beef and taste the finest beef the heartland has to offer.

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